There is a reason I didn’t call this page “price” or “cost”. You are not buying groceries. You are investing in the overall success of your wedding day. Choosing your DJ/Emcee is the one decision that will simply have the largest overall effect on the experience that you and your guests have on your wedding day. While personal decisions like photography, videography, floral, invitations, room decor, etc. are also all important, those decisions do not have an effect on how your guests experience your wedding day. Your guests experience doesn’t change if the flowers are fresh, or a little wilted – if the dessert is cake or candy bars – if the bridesmaids dresses are blue, pink or purple. If the DJ is bad, they leave. If the DJ is great, they talk about your wedding for months!

Basic Investment Structure

starts at $3000
  • Investment rate is date specific -includes cocktail, dinner and dance music – up to 10 hours
  • Includes all necessary sound and lighting equipment
starts at $500
  • Investment rate is date specific – includes all necessary equipment, specific to size of ceremony
  • Complete customization is standard to create a truly unique experience
Room Uplighting
starts at $500
  • Investment includes between 12-20 battery powered uplights, specific to room needs and allowances
Rehearsal attendance
starts at $250
  • Investment includes up to 2 hours; travel/lodging fees additional; *if schedule allows*

More You Need To Know

The investment is reciprocal – you invest in me, AND I invest in you – and your day. A collaborative effort is what is necessary to create a unique, one-of-a-kind wedding celebration that is specific to the two of you, is crafted with you vision and personalities, and has your “fingerprints” all over it. I don’t approach your wedding day the same as any other I do, and you should not approach finding a DJ/Emcee like just another ordinary decision. It is an investment, pure and simple.

When you choose me, there are not a bunch of other smaller decisions you have to make. You don’t have to worry about equipment “packages”. I provide everything you need – specific to your venue, set up and size of your celebration – to ensure I meet the needs of you and your guests. I provide a professional, state-of-the-art sound and lighting system to throw an amazing dance. If you want additional lighting as decor, uplighting, that can be provided as well for an additional cost.