Experience Matters

Don’t Trust Your “Once-In-A-Lifetime” Event to a “Once-In-A-While” DJ


The day starts here and sets the tone for the celebration to come! The best ones are unique, personalized and have the couples’ “fingerprints” all over them! Did you know your guests can learn about you, just from how you craft your wedding ceremony? It’s true, and it’s amazing!


Successful receptions are about smooth transitions and keeping your guests engaged – when they’re not, they go home! I handle all the necessary transitions of the day and make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there, and do so in an engaging, fun and professional way!

Professional Emcee

The best “DJs” are really the best Emcee’s. A true, professional Master of Ceremonies. It’s critical to keeping your guests connected to your celebration, and your day on-time and flowing! Doing it in a way that keeps the spotlight on the wedding couple, and not on the emcee, is an artform. No amateurs allowed!

How It Should Be

“Matt’s experience and professionalism were evident right at the beginning of working with him … He knew how to keep our guests engaged, but did so in a way that kept the focus on us and our celebration. To this day, he is by far the best DJ we have ever seen at a wedding!”

Mark and Tamra

My Promise

No wedding vendor will care more about your wedding day than I do. I guarantee it! I commit to each couple, that the result of our combined efforts through conversation and planning, will create your truly unique, memorable, one-of-a-kind wedding celebration! Your personalities, your preferences and your visions will be evident to all the guests that celebrate with you on your wedding day! Nothing cookie-cutter about it!